LaCrease comes on too strong- Confrontational? What?/BLOG


I was having dinner with my Sisters last week. I ordered a salad with some chicken fingers and fries. When the waitress brought the salad out, I was surprised that she bought me honey mustard sauce instead of Italian what I asked for. I guess my face was twisted and disfigured, but actually I was trying to figure out, if the Italian had changed, or did she make a mistake and send out the wrong thing. I knew she didn’t do it on purpose, as a matter of fact she was a very good waitress and at the end we tipped her well.

When she left.. my sister Yolanda **photo above** said to me…you come on too strong. I said  guuuuuuuuuurl what are you talking about? I was trying to figure out what was in front of me. I didn’t go off or get mad at the lady.. I just don’t do that at all PERIOD. SO out of the blue.. I called the lady over.. I wanted to see how SHE took what had happened based on my facial expression, my tone of voice, and my body language. When we asked her, she said Noooo.. I didn’t take it like you were mad or confrontational at all, your facial expression was like mines, when I realized that I brought out the wrong thing. She said No….you were wondering, just like I was.

My Sisters and I, sat and talked about it more… but it really bothered me later, because a few days before that…a friend told me that I  never think about the way I come on to a person. So, I’m sitting at home like….. how do I come on to people? Now my Sister knows me better than anyone. But I’ve never had a fight IN MY LIFE, never get into with people to where I lose it…. and I’m friendly. I’m missing something.. I just don’t get it. I think that I’m just very DIRECT. I know what I want to say.. and I say it.  I see I have to check my tone of voice when I’m talking with someone, also watch what I say. As a matter of fact… I’m trying not have much to say period…. (((laughing))).

Before I promise anything…. I do have a question for the leasing department in my building. And the wording of my “presentation” may put me in the category of “aggressive” but its NOT true. So.. let me brief you all. This summer we had very good weather. It was only an average of 83.. and a few 90 degree weather.My apartment for some reason stay COOL. Now we have new owners and they’re working on the heating/cooling system before winter come. As a matter of fact, they turned off the heat in late March to get started. When time came to turn on the air… we were angry because we didn’t know when it was going to come on. And to make matters worst… the AIR NEVER was fixed in time for Summer at all. We had to use fans for this 22 story apartment building. They knew it was going to take longer than they told us, but still they kept giving us different dates. Well now….. we’re having cold nights and we want to know when is the heat coming on. The heating and cooling is all hooked up on the same unit. Some people are paying $900.00 plus dollars to stay here A MONTH. These people want to know DATES. They’re NOT playing.

When it comes to Business…  I don’t just go and talk to anyone, I want to speak with the person who can make DECISIONS. The people I see everyday…. are not necessarily the people who can help me. Please don’t get upset with me because I don’t want to share my complaint with you.. because when its all said and done… you’re going to say… well I can’t help you with that… but you can talk to “such and such”. When I approach the person I need to speak with… I have to go in hard with the wording of my sentence because if not…. they’ll tell me anythang… not anything… ANYTHANG. Now, instead of me saying… Can you tell me when will the heat come on? I have to say…..Hello…. So let me ask you this…..(((looks directly into his eyes)))…Halloween is several weeks away, and seeing that you’ve been working on the heating/cooling system for more than a half a year…. 7 months almost…. do you have any dates as to when it will come on?

I feel that when people see my “nice” face.. my Christian Spirit.. they figure I have patience of Job….and they tell me anything.. I had to learn how to word my sentences… so that people would know I mean business…. and it works for me. Now… why should I have to mention Halloween?  LOL Why should I have to mention “half a year”? That should never have to come up…. the question is simple…. but no one around here wants to answer it or be honest. So I have to go there. Stay tuned…….



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