My ONE ((thing)) HUSBAND wish list/BLOG

Detroit Lions Heavy Metal 16x9 Text N Logo Wallpaper

 Dear Husband,

I hope you LOVE…… FOOTBALL. We don’t have to be on the same team, but …you must be a SPORTS FAN. I love BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, AND #1 FOOTBALL. I love to scream, curse (( I can’t help it)) when I watch FOOTBALL  (only). I turn into a totally different person. I’ve tried to calm it down…. sometimes it works.. somethings it don’t. I scream loud, stand up, walk around the house taking junk at the players. I sometimes think that I’m the only person in the world… my screams are THAT loud.

I live DIRECTLY across the street from FORD FIELD…. I can see the building from my apartment…. but I’m too scared to go to a game (( like I do concerts)) because of the things that come out of my mouth. I might embarrass myself and who ever is with me. I can’t control my feelings when I’m watching the LIONS .  I even LOVE the way the DRIVE of the game makes me FEEL. I’m sure you’ll be turned on!!! ((( Can’t tell me NOTHING when I’m in my LIONS zone.)))

I promise to make you and your friends (( and my gurls)) dinner, snacks, and drinks for our  Super Sports Sunday Dinners. I promise to set the atmosphere for a wonderful day of Sports to entertain our family and friends. The house will be cleaned and smelling good. Dinner will be of your choice. Husband listen…. you won’t have to get up for nothing…. I got you boo…….. and your friends for whatever…..

Your Loving Wife

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