Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year!!!!

I’m so happy to start a new year I don’t know what to do. I love fresh starts and new days. This year I plan to stay glued to the HIP to God. I’m listening to every word he has to say. (more on this in another blog)

I did so well about staying off the phone last year and more FOCUSING on myself. That phone can wear you out, listening and connecting to the lives of others. Now don’t get me wrong, my INBOX on FACEBOOK, phone voice mail, instant messenger stay JAMMED PACKED… and I love the fact that people trust me to give them advice, wisdom, and prayers. I rather check those any-day and answer them, than to talk on the phone. LOL

Wow, things has really change from when I was a teen. I talked on the phone so much that I wore out phone cords on a regular. I remember having 3 phone lines in my house. One for my jailbird boyfriends to “burn out”, one for the bill collectors, and one for my friends. LOL I’m cracking up because no one could tell me that I would out grow talking on the phone. Never. I wouldn’t let the phone ring 1 time before I was picking it up. So funny.

This year I want to devote more time to people who are having issues with their daughters/sons. I’m very good with solving social issues among each other. There’s a lot of drama going on at my job, and you can feel the tension when you walk into the space. I hate it because I’m the “new gurl” and they want to come to MEEEE for talks about it when I’m just trying to learn how things are being ran around there. When I first got there, I had this look like I’m not in that mess, NOT going to be apart of it, and don’t want to be the medium in it….but then again.. its what I do. Dealing with a whole lot of women.. boy… I don’t know how I always end up being the Peacemaker. I guess I have that look like I’m not for any drama, so I can either be the person who help resolve it, or yall can keep it moving. Im going to close this blog entry.. because I have another one I want to write. So Happy New Year!!! May God Bless You All!


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