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Wow,  I know I should be ashamed of myself for having not written since Jan. I guess I haven’t been in a writing mood, not to mention working a lot lately. But one thing I did do this year, and that was take my first cruise April 2-9 2017 on The Norwegian Breakaway!

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Yes, I took a 7 Day Norwegian Cruise to the Bahamas with my MOTHER, daughter, sister and her husband. WE had a ball!!!

First of all we drove to New Year to Embark. I love to drive. I did the first 6 hours, my sleeping sister did a few, and her husband finished it off. LOL   We dropped off our rental at Enterprise (( the nicest people)) in New York and were met with a beautiful driver by the name of Maria to take us to the ship. Once we checked our luggage and selves in, we were ready for a shower, eat and a nap. We were so tired after the shower, we were suppose to meet with all the travelers for a brief safety meet, but we were sleepy and didn’t go. Ill never do that again, because we had some storms come our way during the 7 days, and had something serious happened, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’ll never skip a safety meeting again on a cruise. My mother and daughter also fell asleep, but it was shown on our TV’s, they watched it, but still I didn’t. Not good.


The entertainment on the Norwegian Breakaway was soooooooooooo fun!!! They had a lot of things planned for the guest to enjoy. I really loved the unlimited drinks and eating. I thought I would eat a lot, but it wasn’t like that. But I sure tore that BAR UP. I don’t drink “in real life at home”, but on that cruise..it went down!!! LOL Those daiquiris was the bomb! The people were so nice. OMG! The waitress and waiters were the best. The food was delicious, everything was so perfect. I really really enjoyed myself.


Then… I got sick. Caught a cold being in that night air, and taking showers. That has never mixed well with my body. I have to take showers at night before bed unless its hot outside, and on the boat everyday we all wore sweaters because the waters were HYPED! LOL

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I would NEVER EVER take a cruise less than 7 days. Ever! I was okay with dealing with the fact that it was time to go home, but a 3-4 is not enough for me. I like to chill, and if I want to chill in my room for a day, so let me do it. If I want to party and be apart of all the entertainment… so let me be. I say that to say…. I need 7 plus days on a cruise.

I enjoyed getting up at 5;30 in the morning and headed down to breakfast while everyone slept. I took a seat by the window for 2 and just enjoyed watching the sun come up. That was one of my favorite things to do.

Being on a cruise made me feel that there is MORE to life than just working and paying bills. So many people get into the habit of saying and BELIEVING that they dont  have the money to cruise, or that they have too many bills, or dont have a baby sitter. LIES, LIES LIES!  I came home and told my co-workers all about the cruise and they also had a hard time believing that it wasn’t expensive. I have a travel agent with Norwegian, and its all about paying your deposit and having 8 months to pay it off!!! You can pay any day and time you want! No one calls you and say… um cuse me, but when are you going to make a payment? You pay when you can as long as you meet the deadline.

The night before the cruise we had to set our suitcases outside of the door for pickup for Disembarkation in the morning. We put our s out late because we were out and about, but it was cool. I didn’t want to go home. My brother -n- law drove all 12 hours plus home from New York. Once I got home I still felt as if I was on the boat. I didn’t like that at all, I had to lay down. LOL The next day I was fine and on online looking for  OUR next cruise!

And with that said… WE have already booked another 7 day CARIBBEAN CRUISE NEXT YEAR!!! My co-workers are going with us this time, plus many others!!! Yes, I plan to cruise every year!!! If I can cruise you can TOO!!






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Baby boat to take us to the island


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