Almost a year……. Cree’s Blog Entry

lori marry“Sometimes I feel as if I should have kept my ass on the shore” Just a thought that pops in my mind every now and then when I think about this time last year, when I was preparing to move to Georgia…..but when I think about things to come…. I laugh.

I left for Georgia on my Birthday last year Sept 3. Almost a year ago. Life has really changed for me since then. Every time I move, there is always a shift for me…. I always end up doing better than before. I think its me this time. I’m learning to completely change the way I look at things, and I want so badly to do things God’s way. I’m more quiet and try to think before I speak. My world was moving so fast. I am a different woman from who I was last year. I can see it and feel it. More humble, more of a listener and slow to speak.

I am very much at Peace, but there are still some answers I need from God. And I’m asking them daily. My finances has changed very much. Those 10 years I lived at my other place. I didn’t want for anything. I always had money, went out of town 2 and 3 times a year. Took long vacations from work. I was going to the movies * I love this* every week, going to the grocery store buying things for the house to last me for 6 months…that’s the kinda shopping I like to do. I was the loaner….. but baaaby when I say thangs has change in that area…… believe it. LOL

I haven’t been able to stock up like I do when it comes to my soap, tissue, dish washing liquid, Ajax, toothpaste and those kinds of things. I don’t go to the movies like I enjoy doing as much, not even going to dinner with friends. Things are really tight for me, and I don’t like it one bit. I keep thinking about Georgia so I know that I’m going back there, why am I not happy like I can see myself being? I have visions so deep, and I KNOW they’re going to come to pass. They ALWAYS do. I miss my concerts….* tears*.

Today, I was driving and was complaining about all of these things, then God said… think about the things you are blessed for. By the time I got half way through my thoughts of all the good he has done for me since being back, I was in tears. Sometimes we can look at everything that’s not going well, and totally forget about the BLESSINGS. I felt good all day.

I’m happy for my friend Lori of 10 plus years… she’s getting MARRIED next year… and her sister is getting MARRIED in Oct of this year. I just got my invite in the mail a few days ago….. I’m so happy for them both.  I can’t wait to see them both walk down the aisle. They are so close, and I just love their Sisterly Relationship. Talk about talks over dinner, me and Lori use to get it in!!!!!!!!!! I love when she calls me for advice, I’ve always been her gurl for that. So Congratulations to Lori and Lecia!!!! * Lori at the top… Lecia at the bottom*

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Proud of ME……Cree’s Blog Entry

note to breatheWow, I’m writing another day. So proud of myself, learning to be consistent in things. I had a great planned day. I had a headache earlier, just going through something’s right now. After watching TD Jakes “In the mix” sermon 8/18/2013….. God gave me answers to what happened to me on Friday of last week. Nothing bad, but it happened and there is nothing I can do about it.

Anywayyyyyyy… LOL I was watching the Season Premiere of Basketball Wives tonight. As I was listening to Evelyn tell her story about her and Chad, I couldn’t help but think about her ANGER issues. How quick she was to throw a glass in someone’s face, how she smacked folks, and threw drinks. She is what I called a Basketball Wives Bully. And I’m not in NO WAY saying that she got what she DESERVED when she was head butted by her husband. No, no, no, way am I saying that. But I am saying that you get what you put out there. The part that she seem not to get is that it came back to her with a MAN…. HER HUSBAND whom she had only been married to a little over a month. This wasn’t even a PRIVATE matter, it was PUBLIC one….. everyone heard about her story. Worst than anything she has ever done to anyone. She said that she felt that everyone was saying that she got what she deserved. Can you imagine all the people she’s fell out with, laughing, talking, and happy to see her this way? Oh……..this is pay back for many people.

I hope that she sees the bigger picture here. She cried a lot, and I really felt bad for her. But she has to understand what she did to others ** terrorized* folks, she got back in a different FORM. That’s what she wasn’t expecting. You can’t go around bullying people, and think you’re going to go off and live this happy RICH LAVISH life. If she doesn’t get the bigger picture…..she’s going to find herself angrier, and in more trouble than this time. I really hope that her friends, and her time with Iyanla has helped….. we shall see. I’m routing for ya gurl.

I know I need to be in bed….. I need to take my mom to see The Butler…. she doesn’t know I’ve already seen it…. I don’t think I could tell her.

Another day and I’m doing good with my ANGER ISSUES. I’m working hard to get passed this one. I’m conscience of my thought pattern on what triggers me. I have to share this real quick funny story. When I was on my 3rd day of this, (((God is my teacher))) my daughter wanted Subway before she went home, and just next door was Jets Pizza.

I ordered pizza but stayed in the van until 15 minutes was up. Well after she got her subway, I somehow missed when she walked over to Jets to see if my pizza was ready. So after 15 minutes , I walked in and there she was. She had paid for my food and everything. When I asked her was it ready, she said No. I was shocked because it was well over 20 minutes. I went to the counter and asked the lady was a pizza for Walker ready? She looked over at the one pizza that was “waiting for its owner”, and said No….. just a few more minutes. So, I’m like okay…. before I turned around to chat with my daughter….I heard God loud and clear when he said …..”LaCrease that’s your pizza up there.” I looked over there and said in my mind ” No God, she said it wasn’t mine. LOL He said yes… that’s your pizza. I knew I heard his voice… I kept saying… No, the lady said it wasn’t ready. I knew it was, but I just didn’t want to believe it, because I could feel my heat gauge moving….. I’m about to RAISE THE ROOF! My daughter didn’t know what I was thinking, but my facial expression had totally change, she thought I was getting mad because it was taking so long. She said momma, I’m going back to the van and started smiling like…..OH BOY.

So, I’m standing there at the counter, when the lady calls 2 other people and my food was ordered before theirs. I said ummmmmm excuse me (((( in my business voice))))) to the same lady WHO TOLD ME NO MY PIZZA WASNT READY……I see that their pizza is ready…. can you please check to see if that pizza up there is mines. She said sure, went back and picked up the same pizza SHE TOLD ME NO to…. when she read the paper, and looked up at me…. I knew it WAS mines…she said ” Maam I am so sorry”. We can make you another one. I just stared at her a good 2 minutes between her handling me the pizza, and me actually grabbing it to leave. I was so MADD.

As I’m walking to the van… God is asking me…. Why are you mad? I said because my pizza was up there ALL THAT TIME. He said… but didn’t I tell you that was your pizza the moment you walked in? I said yess… but.. He said then why are you SO ANGRY? Do you think she did it on purpose? I said no… because she doesn’t know me. This was only a few weeks ago, I enjoy the questions God ask me to get to my reasons…. and when I do… its not even worth being angry. I went home and tore that pizza up!!! LOL I think that he likes to sit back with his arms crossed watching to see what I’m going to do. I was proud of myself, I felt him looking over my shoulders. Whew the test I’ve had…..its worth it, because I no longer want to be this way… NO MORE!!!! NO MORE… NO MORE NO MORE!!! ((((smiling)))) And I’m going to write about it every week to keep me on track.

My Birthday is coming up Sep 3…. I’ll be 46. Yes!

Be Blessed

COLOSSIANS 3:2-Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

God said to me

When God said to me years ago……… “Where you are going La’Crease everybody can’t go *ride*. I’m seeing first hand what he meant by that. Testimony coming SOON.                 #itsagoodthing

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

In my OWN lane…..Crees Blog

Black Woman Running in a RaceI got the memo from GOD HIMSELF

in my hands

there are several lanes in my life

filled with people who are connected to me in some way

we all want different things

once we make it to THIS ONE destination.

The bell sound and we all run

running in my lane

I BELIEVE with all my heart the MEMO GOD GAVE TO ME

shall come to pass.

I run,

NEVER looking in or around me

at the other runners

I’m not distracted because I am in my OWN lane

everyone else has their lane

but for some reason they’re all looking at ME now.

I don’t see them

because I am looking AHEAD

in my own lane.

They continue to run

but something seem hard to them

they’re tired of running

the race is too long

but still they want to finish

I’m feeling good enjoying my race

never at all having the urge to look away

to the side, or behind

never even once.

The race is taking longer than I expected

but still I run

one by one, by one, by one

they’re starting to believe they can’t finish the race

they need a “driver” to take them to their destination

they figure, if she’s going …we’ll get there!

because they see… ….mines looks promising,

only because I BELIEVE

and they sense and see that… I BELIEVE

they figure “why run a race I cant see and believe


So they leave their lanes

to run in my MINES

so busy running the race before ME

I ignore the fact that they’ve abandoned their lane

for mines

they seem to be “cheerleaders”

“friends” “sisters” all running

with me

when all the time they’re behind me

expecting to finish this race by my legs.


trying to run in the same lane as I.

I got another MEMO from GOD

as I run this race


“you have people in your lane

trying to piggy back off you,

and I’ve always told you that

everybody can’t go where you’re going”.

turn around

behind you, LOOK…. in your own lane

you will see that everyone

who “claimed” they’re to meet

at the same destination

are all in your lane

holding on to your coat tail

trying to ride with you.

So, one by one

I ripped them away from me

disconnecting them like a radio dropped in water

Days pass, weeks pass, months pass, a year has passed

and no sign of the runners

I am in the race all alone

others have fell short

I cry, then I smile

I can see my destination clear as day

but one

by one

by one

by one

they try their best to get back in the race


I can see ALL lanes

those coming, those running

this time I’m looking for distracters

I see them ALL in my rear view

a prayer sends them on their way

I’m still running

and there are more DISTRACTIONS

its amazing the view I see

when I open my eyes

Still running

I’m in my own lane

I’m still running….

I am still in the race.










The “NEW” La Crease


Just sitting here thinking about……. how in life you get all of these *signs* …. which at the time doesn’t make sense.  Then something REALLY BIG happens, and you sit there, and you sit there, and you sit there, and you sit there. REALIZING… .. …..that these *SIGNS* from MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE * in the last week* …. ALL have one word in common LIES.           FREE UNEXPLAINED LIES.

And so, today, I sit here thinking…… hands over my mouth, staring into space…. hair all over the place * like a CRAZY person*, face disfigured from the many channels of my facial expressions. Asking God how did I come to this place……. where I just sit and *allow* this disrespect to happen over, and over, and over, and over? People coming at me sideways like I’m stupid….. while I sit back and I listen to God fill me in on their schemes and LIES.

The “old” La Crease would have ripped them apart LIKE AN APPLE IN A JUICER….. the *new* La Crease sits here and listen to God talk her down from it. Boy these people are so BLESSED.

People that I LOVE… people who I use to  DEARLY LOVE, strangers-customers, and PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER~ EVER BE APART OF MY LIFE AGAIN…. In silence, I listen to God, tears form, they fall….. how many more days do I have to stand behind this *fence* you have me in separating my teeth from these people? Is this my life? Tell me now? Lord, please Help me to stay in this fence. Its safer for me, and its safer for them. I know Lord, that you’re so deep inside me, that if I get them…’ll GET ME….and you know…. I don’t want any trouble from you * looking at you SMILING*.

For 8 1/2 years * at my job* I have shown myself friendly, I go to work to motivate, inspire and to encourage EVERYONE….EVERYDAY. So deep, and to the point where if I get upset about something…. they’ll come to me and stare…..asking…… Ms. La’Crease, I’ve never seen you like this before…are you okay?  Its always expected of ME * because of what I put out*….what I’ve shown them throughout this walk….. this I know….. but, I am not perfect and I hate to be treated as if I do no wrong. My coworkers truly adore me this I know…. they have constantly showed me this in all ways. I have shown not only my coworkers this *new La Crease* side that God has introduced me to many years ago. But also to my favorite neighborhood customers that come to my store weekly.

So, now that they see YOU in me Lord….. I CAN’T go back to the “old” LaCrease. I get that!!! I have to stay this way. ….PLUS I LOVE IT HERE. But can I please ask this… why is it so HARD? Why? Why won’t people just let me BE NICE? Why do they LIE to me for no reason? Why do they come to me being FAKE and you know I  KNOW THE TRUTH…. YOU KNOW I DO LORD….  “the old me” I would have hung up on them…… in the middle of their conversation and turned my ringer off FOR GOOD. How did I get tolerance for this mess? I don’t play this ? Are you serious?? I know mines is NOTHING  compared to what JESUS went through…..

I’m really going through right now. I’m one of the strongest women I know. I admit.. I’m very strong* my siblings can tell it best*….but it seems EASIER TO PULL OUT MY SHARK TEETH and put bite marks into some of these *wackos* behind. LOL But I LOVE THE LORD TOOOOOOOO MUCH to go back to the *old* me. I love the FAVOR I RECEIVE EVERYWHERE I GO……everywhere I go people know me, people talk to me…. they recognize me all over the city….. Thank you for not having stranger eyes, and for being someone that’s approachable, Thank you for having/receiving the best customer service… my WISDOM… my ADVICE… MY LOVE …MY SMILE…. MY SPIRIT…. Lord, I love this side better….. all I ask is that you keep me behind the fence with YOU. Protect me…..keep me *new*.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

if you have forgiven her…..lets see. PART 2 Cree’s Blog Entry

She moved in…without her husband. They were in the process of a divorced. I hated her being back, living under me, seeing my every move. And me wondering if she was a even worst person than before. By this time, I had built a wall around myself where I was very private. If you wanted to ask me a question about me…… you wouldn’t because you’d be scared of me going off. My business was my business and no one was ever going to hurt me in that way again.


As time went on, I wanted to know how things happened with her and my daughters dad. She told me everything. By this time, I had cut him off completely as far as sexual. He came to see his daughter, but I wouldn’t let him buy me a sandwich if I was Hungary AND HAVEN’T EATEN IN 50 WEEKS… HE WAS CUT OFF. When I’m done….. I’m done.


Me and her started going to Church, we would talk and really enjoy each others friendship again. I NEVER TRUSTED her in that kinda way as far as my male friends. NEVA …. but it was something about her that was different this time. She told me how her husband use to beat her, and how he got on drugs, and how he made her life a living hell. Apart of me wanted to say…. That’s what you get…. but there was something in me that wouldn’t allow me to be ignorant. Believe it or not, we were the BEST OF FRIENDS. She was better a friend to me then, than she ever was before. And what’s funny……. is that all my friends that I use to call over to help me terrorize her, had a hard time  letting the offense that she did to me go. I couldn’t even explain how things had changed, and how God moved her out of the house, and then back into it years later, JUST SO THAT I COULD LEARN THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS. When she moved out, I moved out as well. We kept in touch as we do today. I can’t explain our friendship and how God did things, but it was for our good. And even though we live in different cities, we chat on FB all the time, and she’s MY BIGGEST FINANCIAL SUPPORTER OF ALL MY HOMELESS PROJECTS. She is truly a Woman of God and I love her dearly. And I Thank God for showing me who I was, and how to FORGIVE. Even if it took for him to move her out of town, and back into the same house years later to teach us both a lesson. God knew that it would come together.




Part 3 coming tomorrow. Its deep.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

How Im dealing with Anger….Cree’s Blog Entry!


I know I have been missing…. LOL Just doing some Soul Searching ya know? I decided that I wasn’t going to “do too much” that I was going to buy me some sticky posts and go back to writing simple notes and tag them around my computer monitor to remind me of what’s important.

Right now I have 10 notes, and 5 of them says…. “Stop trying to take on everybody”… “Call Sherry Friday after 7”, “God, Me, Family and Friends”, “My credit score is….” and the other is my work schedule for the week”. I realized that I try to do too much. My mind is cloudy, I don’t sleep much, I’m working, doing this, and planning that. So, I decided that God was important, Myself, then family and friends. And I like this. I get to come home from work, and see that I’m not all over the place. I’m the kinda gurl that if I write something down, plan a date, or pick up the phone and make plans……its a done deal. I have to visualize it, and then write it down.


One day last week, me and Neisha were on our way home. We were entering the freeway, when this truck/bus didn’t get over OR speed up so that we can merge properly. Oh, I was heated and on fire. Then Neisha ( my daughter) said to me…..”Ma you gotta stop trying to take on everybody”. She said you cant beat everybody. I’m like WOW….that really, I mean really made a light bulb go off in my head.Her words hit me hard!!! She was right!!!! I do try to take on everybody!!! Wow! And in my mind….. I’m not trying to beat everybody, I just want them to know that they’ve just offended me. I have to blow my horn, or If I’m at work and I say… “this is 20 items or less and you have over 50, and its not fair to the people behind you”. Then if they say ( and they usually will ), well, I’m a customer too, and since I’m already in line, I’m not moving, they’re just gonna have to wait. That right there…………gets my blood boiling. Right there in that moment, my leg starts jumping, and I get this feeling inside, and I have to say “Lord, please come down here and help me”. In my mind, I want to knock everything off the counter, and say ” not by these hands you wont get rung up”. I get down right mad…. again… because I’m angry and feel offended. You’re showing me that you don’t care about others. I’m personally offended by that. In my mind…. I’m asking… how could you look back at this line ( and yes, they are looking at you), and say F*** Yall to these people? Really? Is it really all about you……then since I’m the cashier, I feel you personally made me apart of THE BS. Because I have to ring you up.


Soooooo, when Neisha told me this, it really was a AHA Moment. But still I didn’t know where this anger had come from.


The very next day, I was reading some Tweets and noticed that this one person is always tweeting and talking down on this ONE person. It made me so angry, I made up a fake twitter account and NUTTED UP on them. Each time I sent out a Tweet, it was like “Pepsi to the head”…..FANTASIC feeling. This person didn’t know who I was, and it made it easier for me to go off . Then, it became “time consuming” to keep up with this person. I was way out of character, and it was taking a lot of energy from me, and even though it felt good in the beginning, I didn’t like it anymore. So, after 3 days I deleted the account and asked God….what drives me to “take on everybody”? I begged God to please help me!!! Its killing me to be angry with someone everyday, just because they have “offended” me. I’ve always been a person that does my own thing. But when people gossip, lie, be fake, don’t care about the next persons feelings, think about themselves, be selfish, mean, THAT BOTHERS ME TO NO END. And I don’t know how to control myself.


I said Lord, I cant keep going through this, I want to stop it before it gets way out of hand. God knows that when I need a word from him, I will get some place, sit down and listen for him to speak to me.


He finally did…. Coming up in the next blog entry! You dont want to miss this breakthru!

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord for giving me LIFE. Thank you for hand picking my family, I love and adore them dearly. No matter how many disagreements we have you always show me that you created them for me, and me for them…..and I see that. I know that. I feel that. Thank you.

 Thank you for the talks we have especially on the River, my favorite place to be in your presense. You bring me joy and make me laugh. You are so funny and you know when I die I am known for always laughing. Thank you for being silly with me when you know that I’m upset about something, you always bring me back with the silly things you say to me, that only me and you know about. I love that. Thank you for taking the “worry box” out of my head, because you know I don’t worry about much at all. I use too, but you always show me that what I’m going through today, will quickly pass and another issue will be at hand, and you always talk care of that too. I love the conversations we have while Im driving, you know its where Im at peace most, and you know how to calm me down. I just love that about you. Thank you.

Thank you for my life and the lives I touch daily.

To be continued….

God talks with LaCrease

Lord Thank you for another day. Lately I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my life since May of last year with the things that made me “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. You told me to do one thing…… and that’s watch what I say. I didn’t understand what you meant, because my intent is to never hurt anyone’s feelings. But that wasn’t what you were trying to tell me. And for the last few months, you have really shown me what you meant. It’s so deep, and just to think that sometimes I talk so much * not bad* that I never knew that people take my words to heart, to be truth, to the ends. And if my words are not clear, it can go south and that would be the end.
For the past month or so, I have been going to work being quiet, just doing my work and leaving the building. My boss came up to me and she said, ‘ I know you don’t like such and such, but I have good news, she will be such and such such and such. I looked at her and GOD SAID DONT SAY ONE WORD…. and I’m saying to myself God let me defend myself, BECAUSE I DIDNT SAY THAT!!! He said, be quiet and listen. After she told me “the big news” she told me NOT to tell anyone * she knows that I wont*, I said okay and she walked away. I stood there doing my work, saying to myself, I DIDNT TELL HER THAT!! Then God said, LaCrease you may not have said you didn’t like her, but in a conversation you come off strong, and since you didn’t make yourself clear, its out there, that you don’t like/care for this person. Oh, that killed me to let her leave me and she believed that I said that. God said to me La’Crease your words have power, and when people talk to you, they listen, you have to be careful of your words, your facial expression,  and your body language. Can you imagine how hard that is for me?
Lately, I’ve been wanting to post my comments on certain things, and I hear God loud and clear, DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT POST!!!! Oh it gets me. I don’t respond either. Same with Facebook. I have been knowing these 2 sisters for over 25 years, and they aren’t talking to each other, I posted something on my board about forgiveness, and one sister responded, and then the other, then the first one responded after hers, then the mother comes and respond. They set my post OFF!!! The sister is mad at the mother and her 4 sisters.  I DID NOT KNOW THAT. So the one sister THINKS that I knew this and posted on the topic * I haven’t talked to her since Christmas*, and so she decides to set off my page, thinking I KNEW that SHE wasn’t talking to her WHOLE FAMILY. SMH.Then the sister I’m close to, sends me a private message saying that God used me to post that message, because she knew that I didn’t know this was going on, and that she glad it was posted because she knew God lead me. I feel bad for what’s going on in their family, but I came to the conclusion that I won’t let the fact that I am FRIENDS with people, stop me from posting what’s in my heart, and what God leads me to post. Again, I wanted to post and say something to the one sister, but GOD SAID NO!
Sometimes, when I’m expressing myself, things come out that are true but at the same time, I feel that I share too much. And you know how people gossip and can’t wait to tell something? Well, that’s not me, I tell to much of what’s good. That’s what God is telling me. I get excited and start talking, and these last few months God has really muffled my mouth, and when I’m quiet I get to see the whole conversation without me adding anything to it. And I like that.
A few weeks ago, my coworker was telling me about someone she knew who was gunned down, and the more she told the story I was saying to myself, this story sound familiar. When she got to the name of the person, I knew I had heard the story before. Just before I was about to say ” I knew him”, God said DONT SAY A WORD!!! I listened to that whole conversation without saying a word of how I knew this person, or anything. And God is not trying to keep me from communicating , I KNOW THIS, he is trying to get me to understand that its okay to not comment on everything, to NOT feel obligated to do so, to sometimes JUST LISTEN, to be able to let a conversation pass my ears and not have anything to say about it. Because ( MY) LACREASE words has power. I am a person with Integrity and Character and people seem to remember everyyyyyyyyyyything that I say. And a lot of what I say is misunderstood, and if I don’t know that it’s NOT CLEAR TO THAT PERSON, then I wont know to “fix it” I don’t have time to go back and correct all my conversations.
One day this lady bought some CD’s and when she got to her car, she couldn’t find them. So she came back into the store and accused me of giving them to the person who was behind her, because she can’t find them in her bags. I told the lady to go back out to the car and look one more time, she went off on me, saying she wasn’t going to do that, and that she knew that it wasn’t in there. So my manager comes over and tries to calm the lady down, this makes her even madder and at this point she’s going off on me. I’m getting pissed because I know those CD’s were in her bag because I walked around and put them in her cart. Then the store manager tries to calm her down, and at this point I’m really on fire. They tell her to go back and look in the car while they review the tape, make a long story short, the lady never returned. She FOUND THE CD’S. I’m upset, but I have customers so I have to be the Leader that I am, and take care of my business, I wasn’t that moved by her.
 Later on that day I post on my FB, Thank God for the armor and prayer this morning for work, because this lady went off on me so bad. Didn’t I get to work the next morning, and  the person who handled the case yesterday comes up to me and says: LaCrease that lady must have really bothered you yesterday, I read your post. I looked at her and GOD SAID DONT SAY A WORD…. I wanted to say, you missed the whole point of the post. The point of the post was that I PRAYED FIRST, I PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD.That prayer slowed down my anger. She was so focused on what happened that she missed that. But I did say, just because I smile everyday doesn’t mean things don’t bother me. I said I have bad days too, can I please have this 1% of  complaint? I said now I would be wrong, If I complained to you the 99% of stories telling of how people get on my nerves. I said let me have my 1%! Whew……….
Then I go through the issue of knowing something and not saying anything about it. LOL  A few days ago a friend was telling me something, and I knew about it, but I didn’t say anything I just listened, well just so happened the person who told me came and joined in, LOL and while I’m sitting there quiet, the person who told me said. Cree I shared this story with you……… and the person who was telling me said WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU KNEW? LOL  I said because it was your story. LOL Had I said……. Oh such and such already shared it with me, then you probably would be looking crazy. Like how you know? LOL
So, yes this is where God has me at this time in my life. And you know God knows what’s best for me, he’s teaching me something, and the funny part is, ITS DAILY. Everyday I have to be quiet about something. LOL A person like me who is big on communication, this really shuts me DOWN!!!
In closing of this blog entry…… I will post this Scripture.

1 Peter 3:3-4 ESV / 12 helpful votes

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.


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