LaCrease you’re sleep …..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Crees Blog Entry

god to the rescueSo um…… last night/this morning, I was sleep. I keep my shades pulled back because I live downtown and LOVE the skyline…. which makes me able to see everything in the room because it has a little light. 

Out of the blue as I’m sleeping… I see my room in the dark THINKING NOTHING OF IT…. and then I hear this voice say…. “You are awake” *at that point I knew something wasn’t right, because it made a statement* and then I KNOW it was God that said “No LaCrease you are SLEEP. So when I heard God’s voice I KNEW the devil was trying to do something, don’t know what it was. When I heard God say that… I KNEW I was sleep and was trying to wake up, I felt my eye lids batting, trying SO HARD to wake up. When I woke up I was LIKE OOOO MY GOD… Satan tried to make me think I was awake… and God said LOUD AND CLEAR … NO LACREASE YOU’RE SLEEP …..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! His voice was SO FAMILIAR. I never experienced God and Satan go at it right there in my presence. I’m sorry, I’m still tripping on this. It was so deep. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote it down so that I can write about it. I didn’t hesitate or anything when I started batting my eyes, I was in my right mind with my eyes closed. I woke up saying WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The conversation took place right in front of me. 

Could someone be FAKE and appearing REAL in my life? There is a lesson in this… God will reveal all things to me that he feels are important. 

Be Blessed 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Sister…..Cree’s Blog Entry

sis latrTonight I was watching Oprah’s “Where are they now” as she recapped the show where her Sister Patricia realized that they were sisters, it just bought me to tears. I had seen the original episode, and also this same “Where are they now” but this one tore me up. It reminds me so much of the story about my Sister. I know I keep writing on this subject, but I had known that she was out there somewhere since I was a young gurl. And to have her on my FB page and to see her post keeps her close to my heart.

When I saw tonight how the niece and Patricia took a blood test to determine if they were family, really made me think closer about doing this when ever my Sister * I believe we are* comes back to Detroit. I cannot stop thinking about this, and tonight I just cried and cried. My grand dad * my dad’s father* was married to her Aunt Lucy…. who I use to spend lots of time together when I was a kid. I loved my Grandma Lucy * passed away a few years ago*…. who was also her FAVORITE AUNT. And all the while my dad knew where she was, and how to contact her, but since it was a big secret in the family that she was his daughter… he didn’t. How all this came about….. one day.. my Sister knocked on my dad’s door and demanded answers. Someone in her family started talking and giving my sister answers. All while growing up she looked different than her other sisters, she knew something was wrong. All it takes is one family member who knows the truth, to spark the fire. I was the first person my dad called when my Sister left his apartment that day, because he knew I would find out, and I was the one he talked about her the most with.

As I was watching Oprah… I watched how happy Patricia was JUST TO KNOW her family members. It didn’t matter that Oprah is/was famous. I’m the oldest of the 4 of us from my mom and dad… but she’s older than me. So I see her as a “Big Sister”..someone I had to be to my siblings. I’m excited about that. I can see true LOVE in her eyes, in her mannerism, the way she looks at Oprah. She is very happy to have a Big Sister. I cried for her happiness. And as for Oprah’s mom, I hope that she can move on with her guilt, because really it doesn’t matter about the past anymore. Its okay that Patricia was given up for an adoption, because everyone is going through a healing process, and all that matters is the fact that….they’re all together now. See that’s the part my dad don’t get. He doesn’t want anyone to ask questions. Well.. I’m sorry dad you have daughters that ask questions. We aren’t mad or angry with you for what happened when you were a teenager. We don’t care, all my sister want is to be accepted. Give her that.

My Sister is now running for a seat in the US Senate. I am so proud of her. As for me…. I just want to kiss her, hug her, look at her, talk to her, listen to all of her stories, and even share some. My dad still haven’t called me * almost 3 months*, and I have no desire to talk to him. I don’t like the way he is handling things with my Sister because of his fears. And since he knows how I feel, in his mind… its easier for him to find something petty to be mad at me about. Growing up when he did it …. it bothered me… now….I’m keeping it moving.

Let me go to bed…..more this week.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

I want to meet my Sister…..*tears* Cree’s Blog Entry

my sisterI want to meet my sister so bad ( in above photo)…. She use to live here and I hate that I wasn’t persistent in meeting her when she was here in Detroit. I go to her FB page all the time… we favor so much. We talk on the phone, but we’ve never met.My dad had her before my mom and dad married. But the way her mom and my dad got together was sneaky as far as how their families  connected… and for years after years it was a secret to her and to us. My dad is so stubborn and wont take a blood test to give her/us CLOSURE. She aint missing nothing * with him*… yeah I said it. But me and my siblings want to meet her, and hug her and LOVE HER.
My dad lives one min from me and we haven’t spoken in almost 2 months. I just don’t get that.

My daughter is so mad at him because he’s so stubborn she told him that she’s not going to answer his calls because of the way he treats his daughters. But I have a sister out there who wants to be around him….. * throws hands in the air* SMH FOR WHAT? I’m so happy that I’m not stubborn. That kinda life keeps you in bondage. I’m so happy that me and my daughter are very close. Praise God…. and I will communicate, do flips and all sorts of things to keep it that way. My dad has always been this way, he use to go months and months without talking to his brother when we were coming up and all living at home. I never paid it any attention…. never knowing that one day it would be me. SMH. It pisses me off sooooo soooooooo so bad that he’s like this. How you not talk to your BROTHER FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS … then when your kids get older, you do them the same way. We all grew up in the same house, don’t you long to hear my voice, my laughter, my smile, my silly ness…. don’t you miss that? Wow… Well let me say this….. my dad has done me/us like this all of our lives, and for once in my life….. I’m so over his behavior. Once so much time has passed…. it doesn’t even bother me. He had issues with his mom. she sold him to his dad in court for $1.00 and I think he hasn’t gotten over that. If I didn’t have God in my life so deep….. I would be some where crying and depressed. He was the very one who taught me, my sisters and brother to be close…. and if NOTHINGGGGGGG else come out of this as God chose him to be my dad…. I LOVE MY SIBLINGS.. THANK YOU LORD FOR HANDPICKING THEM FOR ME!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Women in the workplace…..Cree’s Blog Entry

dramafreeSo, today I want to talk to the ladies….. men you can read this too. *smile*.

Why are women so full of gossip and jealousy? Why can’t we just go to work TO WORK… then go home to a PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE? Because let me say this…. if you come to work as a peaceful person, trust me, your home is too. If you’re the type that’s ALWAYS in the office (((ABOUT ANYTHING))) running behind management, can’t wait for a break just to share gossip that happened… stop that!!! It looks a MESS. And please tell me why do (((some))) women do everything in their power to be SEEN. They have to talk the loudest, walk pass you 1000 times, tell everybody what they just bought, and make it known who THEY LIKE/ likes THEM in the building. The funny part is, the more I sit at the table and turn my attention to my phone, or stare in the air, the more they want me TO HEAR THEM, AND RE DIRECT MY ATTENTION TO THEM. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

LOL So I say that to say….don’t give in to that type of pressure. Once you listen to one story, then you’ll be *invited* to all the gossip sessions. I don’t like that. Tell me a story… cool… but when it becomes a personal attack…I keeps it moving.

Another thing that women do….. ((((some)))) if they have a problem with a member of management or another co-worker, they will sit around a bunch of others who will listen to their story… instead of going to the person involved. Why do women do that? The people you’re telling the story too cant help you…. why even let anyone in on a situation that they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to change? After a while the story becomes gossip filled, and full of opinions. Always go to the “root” of your problems.

I had an issue with a coworker last week, and when I went to her to address it…..she told everyone about it. Made me ANGRY… * but I did good*. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told them first. I guess she did that because she needed someone to talk too…. but for me that’s a way to get me upset. Too many opinions, will geek up someone to say or do something they wouldn’t normally do. Anyway, yesterday was the last straw….she knew she was wrong, but still she feels “some kinda way about it”. She CRIED told everyone who would listen… so today she made some changes… and next week things should be back to normal. If I wrote out the story… YALL WOULD BE MAD!!! LOL LOL TRUST ME.

Oh well…. I just washed a load, about to chill before sleep. I’m making some chili for dinner tomorrow….haven’t had that in a long time.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“WHO R U” Part 1 Cree’s Blog Entry

whoare uAs I sit here cooking dinner… Collard Greens, corn bread and fried chicken, I am reminded of the complete PEACE that I have in my life.

As bad as I want to tell and “share” my dinner with several family members * because I KNOW they will appreciate it* …. God has reminded me that its okay to prepare it and to have it for myself.

For as long as I can remember I have always been the person who spends all day inviting friends * one at a time* over and helping them to sort out the things that’s going on in their life, and even when I wanted to be alone and enjoy my own PEACE… I kept smiling and invited more. I remember so clearly being in my apartment in my early 20’s, washing dishes when I said Lord, I want a Best Friend.. someone who I can talk to, instead of doing all the listening. I heard him loud and clear when he said to me… I am your Best Friend. I said I know God.. but I’m talking about somebody “down here”. Here it is 20 plus years later, and that conversation comes to my mind at least twice a week. I don’t know if I “hurt” his feelings (((smile))) or he knew it was going to come a time when I’d say… NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NEW FRIENDS FOR ME/CREE LORD… IM GOOD!!!!! LOL

I realize that as a child growing up that I’m a very supportive and motherly person. I still do NOT in my adult life know how to balance this in my life. Its like I want to LOVE and HELP everybody. I admit I have gotten so much better with this, because by living on my own, it has helped me to do more for myself. Daily I have to sit quietly and think about ME. Doing what makes me happy. I’m sad sometimes in how much time and energy I put into others, when they were busy “doing them”, or was it that I MADE IT ABOUT THEM? Even though they all APPRECIATE everything, its ME… its ME who need to learn balance. When to offer my help, or to just fall back.

Here’s what I found out….. Part 2 coming tomorrow.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Place of Peace

MY PLACE2Okay sooooo, BEYONCE tickets went so fast, and I refuse to sit way up at the top to see the show. Was online at 10:00 am. My friend bought 6 tickets and paid $1500.00. Good Seats too. So I’m happy for her. Well, I did go to the last Destiny Childs concert, so I did get to see Ms. Queen B do her thang. So, if there is another show… I’m there. Waiting for the announcement.

In other news…….

I am feeling good today. So peaceful in my apartment. Gosh, everybody should experience living alone. I never dreamed of this PEACE. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I spend hours and hours and hours writing my book. I feel good and got a lot done. LOL I learned somethings about myself tonight. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well let me share a little. When we were growing up the 4 of us weren’t allowed to fight, we had to argue it out, afterwards we had to kiss and make up. Well, as I moved out and started my own life, I realized that I would get into it with my friends all the time and they would hang up on me and be angry for days. But see I was raised, have an argument, kiss and make up. Well I learned quickly that my friends wasn’t raised that way. If you said something or did them wrong, they wouldn’t talk to you for a while. God showed me that I wasn’t the Princess I thought I was. My weapon was my mouth, not only can I whip up a sentence on paper that can have you angry at me, but with my facial expression and my non curse word sentence, I can knit together a sentence deep enough to make you wanna pick me up and throw me out of the house. So, I had to learn to watch what I say to people. Wow, its deep. I love when God show me MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LOL LOL

Alight everybody let me go back to my place of PEACE… Its bedtime. Oh I love my life. Thank you Jesus.

Peace is MY CHOICE OF PERFUME…. *Crees Blog*

Today was a good day at work. Yesterday my ZM *manager over MY manager* asked me would I like to work the Children’s Fathers Day Table where kids can sit down and make Fathers Day Cards for their dad. She knows how much I love working with them. So, I gladly accepted. I was so excited about doing this project because when I leave Walmart kids are the ones I want to work with. We had a ball today. We had some many children to make cards. We had markers, glitter, colored pencils, sticky stars, glue sticks, and other things to make cards with. They really enjoyed themselves. Parents were asking us, how do you all have the patience for this? When God gives you this gift to work with kids, it doesn’t bother you. Its so natural for me. Kids bring joy to my heart, they make me laugh, they are so funny. Look,…….. this little boy * black* he says to me…. you’re the boss? I said No, he said why you aint doing nothing? LOL LOL It was so funny. LOL LOL Those 4 1/2 hours went so fast. I can work with kids any day.

After the story I wrote a few days ago about speaking to my coworker . Yesterday when I walked into the building as I was about to make my *Hello* rounds. I went to her first and said Hello and she smiled and spoke…. I was happy that maybe she got what I was saying to her after we had a run in. Just so happen, we had to work near each other, and she OPENED UP. She was just chatting with me, I was really surprised and so happy that she *got it*. If we all got along just for the hours we’re at work, our days would be so much easier. I CANNOT deal with having a run in with a co worker who I see everyday 5 times a week. We work with the public, how is it that we can’t speak, communicate and compliment each other, we don’t work with each other directly…..we work with the customers? When I walk into the building…. I BRING PEACE… WHICH IS MY CHOICE OF PERFUME. And I wear it well…. PRAISE GOD.

I have 3 days off in a row and it starts NOW!!!! I will be spending time putting some touches on my LIFE!!! EXCITED!!!

Take delight in the Lord,

and he will give you your heart’s desires. – Psalm 37:4

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy