Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth……Crees Blog Entry

our presSometimes I just sit and wonder how did we come to a place where all we think about is material things. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having a nice place, a car that gives you no problems, and money to pay off your bills. If you’re going to tell a story….tell the story. Braggers are the worst. Now, I have to sit here and hear someone go through something that they missed all because of GREED.When you chase after money, and “stuff” you miss out on LOVE. When you chase POWER AND CONTROL… you miss out on LOVE. And those are the PEOPLE CONSTANTLY reminding others with this MESS…..”I can’t trust nobody” Well before you realized what your money can buy, you should have known that LOVE is going to out last your material things……and NO… you cant trust everybody! Material things can burn up in a fire…. LOVE CANT. Pray and ask God if you can get back the LOVE you lost…. and next time boo…..remember this Scripture Matthew 6:19-21 ESV /“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

It puzzles me sometimes how I prayed to work with children and even though I’m not making near as much as I’m worth… I enjoy going to work everyday. But what I didn’t expect is to work with a few women who makes the atmosphere very uncomfortable. I just knew those days were over when I left Walmart. Maybe this is why I’m taking it so hard…. I thought working with adults was over and that I can only focus on the children. Its a shame when OLDER women are still so childish and immature. I’m very good at ignoring people, but when you have to communicate and it doesn’t happen….. its terrible. This really makes me want to start my own Non Profit Organization… I need team leaders and players. People who are there for the children. People who care for them, and not sit up and say ” I don’t care what they do”. I just have a HUGE problem with people who take jobs that are not really into it…. especially when it comes to caring for other peoples kids.


I have a lot on my mind… nothing bad… just “stuff” LOL So, I’m going to bed. Good Night and Be Blessed.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Almost time for me to move on? …..Cree’s Blog Entry

angrycustomersI love working with Teens
But this older lady I’m working with… killing my Spirits
She’s not a team player… and she makes my job harder
She taught me the ropes… now I can’t stand the site of her… I really wish she would quit…. SHE HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE TEENS OR ANYONE ELSE
She’s always in competition with me
Why did I ignore it so long?
Maybe I wanted to ignore it… who am I?
Well, when I think about it….
The ASST principal is always coming to me for answers
she knows I love my job, she can see it on my face, she looks to me for leadership and knowledge of my job
While my coworker looks at me like “who is she… I was here first”?

The ladies who work in the kitchen tells me ” Sunshine you don’t have to pay for anything… just tell me what you want”
While my coworker wants everything FREE… I always offer to pay for mines… and this is why they want to give it to me… they don’t have to do anything for me
At first she parked in the back.. on a rise so that people can see her “big truck”
But when I said I like to park in the front so I can keep an eye on my van… NOW SHE PARKS IN MY SPOT ***UGH***
When she sees my on my phone, she says her AARP phone is just right for her, then later she signs a contract for a phone …..
Last week I went to the gas station to buy snacks for the kitchen ladies and my 2 coworkers * she’s one of then. I paid attention to everything they all eat and bought them.
They were happy and surprised… but little do they know… I do this for everyone.
Today my coworker * the older lady* went out and bought gifts for one of the ladies… * like I did” trying to compete with me… I laughed
She’s a bragger… brags about everything.. I feel bad for her.
I dont/wont….. it kills her when she finds out things about me that I NEVER MENTIONED OR BRAGGED ABOUT… HAHAHAHA
She feels UPSTAGED
Being in her presence is so uncomfortable…. I respect her… but its something about me she can’t STAND
I didn’t sign up for ADULTS…. I signed up for the TEENS
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Balance and Business….Crees Blog Entry

tami-romanI’m in one of my REAL outspoken moods today…. * in my Tami Roman voice and facial expression*

Beyonce is my gurl.. I love her to pieces… I’m old enough to be her mom… but that little gurl of hers… needs to be done. So I’m sitting here asking myself… La’Crease what business is of yours that her daughter hair needs to be pretty in pony tails or cute braided beads? What part of this little gurls hair THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU LACREASE… that you concern yourself? My answer NOTHING. But I’m so sick of tired of these celebrities breaking their neck to PLEASE THE FANS with great performances, photos, movies, singing and dancing… and have ABSOLUTELY no clue in how to raise their kids. I’m so irritated right now about this. This little gurl is a person, just like Beyonce is making history… .SHE IS TOO. Fix her up, make her look like the beautiful little gurl she is. I would have this to say about a NON CELEBRITY. This is a person we’re talking about. Don’t go out of your way to impress me ( your fan)… FIX YOUR DAYUM CHILD UP.

These celebrities KILL ME…. they know how to sell tickets, sell out a concert, dress, count their money, and throw hissy fits. Many of them are IMPRESSING the FANS and EACH OTHER….while their kids are being neglected. I hate to see people dogging out her baby….I just hope she puts the same amount of TIME AND FASHION in with her baby as she do for HERSELF and her FANS. THATS ALL IM SAYING. BALANCE BEYONCE BALANCE!

OOO LAWD… I just wish I could be a fly on the way when it comes to the parenting of these PARENTS. Today I was telling a young man to go over to his side of the room, when he began to hug me and say awwww Auntie I love you. I said I love you too , but I need you to go to your side of the room. So, when he wanted to “go do one thang” I started saying to him… now I told you nicely to go to your side and you’re still trying to do what you want to do. He was shocked at my facial expression and tone of voice * it can get rough* and he said auntie I was just hugging you, why you mad at me? I said come here, let me talk to you for a minute. I said LOOK AT MY FACE… LOOK AT IT REAL GOOD… I said I’m cool, easy to talk too, and will help you in anything… but when it come to BUSINESS… I’m zero tolerance, and NO EXCUSES for these mind games. I said you need to learn that when I mean business to read my face, and hear my voice. I said learn to FALL BACK…. See these kids think, just because you show you them LOVE.. that it’s play time, and giving them everything all the time. Its not. All the things a parent let their child get away with… they come right to school and do it to the staff. No matter how nice we say something, they still want to challenge it. But when the police stop them for doing nothing…. they cant even put together a intelligent sentence to get themselves out of trouble. Then the parent march herself up to the school with her face all bald up and disfigured ready to “get with” somebody over her child. That’s when you see where it starts.

I’m not going to give up on these kids because I love them so much, but SERIOUS about my BUSINESS…… I AM.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Tyler Perry and our YOUTH….. Crees Blog Entry

bitstrip2tp  This is Tyler Perry. LOL I am so proud of the things that he’s doing with our Youth. It’s very important for our youth to be uplifted and inspired by our celebrities by spending time and giving back. People ask me… what is it about Tyler Perry that you LOVE.. This is my reason.



Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“OWN IT”……… Crees Blog Entry

nell, neisha brittneyI’m always teaching my kids in school to just walk into a room and OWN it.

I wish that I could “crack” the code on why some kids and ADULTS feel as if they have to walk into a room and make grand entrances with their loud talking, music in their ears *students* loud Hellos, talking across the room, that type of attention has always got on my nerves. I just believe that a woman should walk into a room and all eyes on her without even having to say ONE word. I believe that when she walks in…. The Spirit of God will walk in first and present her. Her smile will light up a room, her fragrance of Peace will greet everyone. I love when I first enter the room at work, where we meet and talk, and at the same time ……they say ” HEY SUNSHINE”. NONE of them call me LaCrease. They gave me that name when I first started, they say I bring sunlight into the job. What an honor. Lord is my witness if they knew me back in the day… they would say…. “Here SHE come with her face all turned up”. Thank God for growth.

There’s this student name Daja… she happens to be a Virgo. Last year when she was in the 9th grade ….she HATED ME… she even told me. LOL IKR? LOL I didn’t care I wanted her to get what I was telling her about herself. Its funny because it seemed as if she wasn’t listening, but this year she’s a totally different person. She calls me Auntie now. The point I’m making is… first when she walked into a room, she use to walk in hollering, talking loud, cursing, letting everybody know she HAS ARRIVED. Now… she comes in and she laughs with her friends and its normal, she speaks to the adults, she smiles and its always beautiful and peaceful. Her face glows, and she goes to her table and sits down. She gets it that she doesn’t have to holler and scream across the room subliminally letting it be known that she has entered the room. I told her BOSSES walks into a room and don’t have to say a word. I gave her this example….. I said when Dr. King (Principal) walks in… does he have to say ” Quiet everybody, I’m standing here”! No he doesn’t. When he walks into ANY room, the room gets instantly quiet, and then he speaks. She got that and I’m so happy for her future.

I love getting them one on one…. that way I make our conversations PRIVATE and PERSONAL. When I try to tell them something when they’re with their friends, they know I’m talking, but they don’t seem to want to comprehend what I’m saying because its “embarrassing”…. I guess they feel that I’m singling them out. I get that….. I was a kid before. This is why one on one is good for them.

Yesterday I was sitting alone, and one of my students walked past and I had always wanted to talk to her one on one. I called her over and asked her to sit down. Its funny because you can always see the “anxiousness* in their eyes as far as what I could possibly want. LOL I said Tiffany… you know how some gurls are “cute” and “pretty”? I said well you fall in the “BEAUTIFUL” category. I said I see how all the boys like you, and talk dirty to you. I said but let me say this to you. I said you may not get it right now, you may not understand it…. I said but just keep it in your “MENTAL FILE” in your head. She said okay and she listened closely. I said boys and men are going to chase you for the rest of your life because you are beautiful… I said whatever you do…. don’t give in to them. Don’t be the talk of the town, don’t let them have their way with you. Don’t let them misuse your body. I said save yourself for marriage. I said anytime a boy/man want your body so badly that they chase you the way you do…… AT SOME POINT BOO… YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF…. WHAT DO I HAVE SO GREAT? I said to her KNOW YOUR WORTH. Its your body and your LIFE.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

When God speaks to me…… Cree’s Blog Entry

cosignI just absolutely LOVE when God speaks to me about a situation that I just don’t understand. 

Working at a High School with teenagers IS A JOB. There are so many students, I can’t remember half their names… LOL But I know the faces of them all. When I’m out and a see a Teenager… I’m always looking to see if they’re one of “mines”. I LOVE my job, even though its stressful… I KNOW FOR A FACT that God gave me the mentality and the gift to be able to go in Mon-Fri and break up fights, send kids to the Dean’s office, give out money when they ask, clean up after them,  make them go to class, tell them to pull of their pants, to stop cursing, to leave the gurls alone, to stop playing so much, give them hugs, and pep talks, show LOVE to them, preach to them, pull them to the side and give them a “whopping momma” talk. This job is normal for me. This is my life, this is what I do. I am cut out for this. 

I work very closely with 2 other ladies. I enjoy working and moving around a lot. I like to move around and be in different areas of the building, and so last week I got into with one of them…. she’s an older lady. I ask God why is she acting FUNNY/FUNKY to me? He told me because I get done with my work faster now, since I found a quicker way to do things. Not only that… but because I chose not to work directly with her, and also because I help out with other things that I don’t have to do. In my mind I’m like NAW.. she’s not like that. LOL Didn’t she confront me about how I haven’t been working with her lately, and that I’m doing too much “other stuff”. She is NOT my SUPERVISOR AT ALL!! I WAS SO SHOCKED… GOD WAS RIGHT * as always*. She let me have it. LOL Now that I think back on last Thursday. LOL After she blasted me out * she’s so lucky I’m working on my ANGER ISSUES* She knew I was mad at her for acting jealous. I’m not sitting next to her everyday while there is work to be done. THIS IS ALL HIGH SCHOOL RELATED THINGS THAT I DO. Then today, she sat in her chair with her legs crossed and slept FOR 30 MINS. SMH This is why I refuse to work with her in that way again. People LOVE to make things all about them. 

I came to the conclusion.. that I need my own group. I need something more personal. I’m going to come up with a plan to get my group going. But it wont be in Detroit. 

Teens these days need someone who’s going to plant seeds into their lives, who care for them, who will teach them about consequences, who will hold them accountable for their actions, who love them, and who’s going to tell them the TRUTH. I work with teens… I REFUSE to bicker with ADULTS on the JOB, when its not about them. Then when I put my head down INTO MY CELLPHONE… and not join in on the conversations…. everybody wants to know what’s wrong with “Sunshine”…. nothing… I just don’t have anything to say. I don’t want to talk about anything but KIDS. SOME adults you can’t just sit and kick it with….. you gotta keep it moving… AND I PROMISE ON A STACK OF BIBLES….. IM THAT CHICK THAT KEEPS IT MOVING!!!! This is my gift my calling, and NO ADULT WILL GET IN THE WAY OF HOW I WORK, HANDLE BUSINESS, HOW I COMMUNICATE… AND ESPECIALLY HOW FAR I GO IN ORDER TO HELP MY TEENAGERS.
Anger triggers… let me go. * wink* 

Be Blessed 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Behind the Scenes~ Your child at school.. *Parents must read* Crees Blog Entry

hpqscan0001Behind the Scenes~ Your Kids at School


When Neisha was growing up… it use to irritate me so bad the NUMBER OF TIMES I had to tell her that when she leaves from spending the night out, to make sure she pack up all her clothes and personal things. She would ALWAYS come home without SOMETHING. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t “getting it” after the first 10 times of me yelling.



What I realized is THAT….. Its a must YOU TELL your KIDS THE SAME THING OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER until you are BLUE in the face. Kids just don’t get it hearing it once. I GET THAT NOW. It’s okay….it really is.



I have to tell the same kids over and over and over… “go to your class” “Stop playing in the hall”… “leave that gurl alone” “pick up your mess”. “pull your pants up”, “stop cussing”, “throw your tray away”, “stop playing so much”. And at one point I said God.. why do I have to tell the same kids the same thing over and over and over again? He said to me…. how many times do I STILL have to tell you….. to slow down, be patient, take your time, listen, make sure the door is locked, get gas before you go to work, make sure you have your keys, put your license back in your wallet before you lose it, turn your head lights off, make sure the stove is off before leaving the house. I can go on and on. I just smiled when I heard all these things that I CONSTANTLY need to be told to do.



The BIG PICTURE is this….. No matter how tired you get of telling your kids something over and over and over again…. understand you just may have too. We are people and its in us to be told something OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Also know there maybe something’s, that you’re only willing to tell your child only once. One thing Neisha knew I wasn’t going to repeat myself was, when, I told her to come here. She always came right away, because she knew that was something I didn’t want to tell her twice about. I can hear you saying to your kids “clean up your room” wash your plate out when you finish eating, pickup your clothes behind you, wash your hands, take this garbage out, do your homework, do your chores, be in by curfew. I realized that WE’RE ALL WIRED UP to be told over, and over, and over, and over again to do the thing we know to do.



Guess what? The same things you’re telling your kids at home …. when they come to school the next day…. ITS MY TURN. #idontmindatall

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Behind the Scenes~ Your Kids at School * A Parents MUST READ* Crees blog entry

KENNYBehind the Scenes~ Your Kids at SchoolMy first weeks working at my High School, I truly got the shock of my LIFE. When I say to you all, that it was the SHOCK of my LIFE believe me!!!

I work in the lunchroom, deans office, security team, and when ever the teachers need me. One of my first days working, I went up to a table where about 7 or 8 students were sitting….. and asked them a question…… THE LEADER of the GROUP OF GURLS said to them… DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO HER, DON’T SPEAK TO HER, DON’T TALK TO HER, DON’T LOOK AT HER……IGNORE HER!!!! And here’s the kicker….. THEY DIDN’T SAY ONE WORD!!!! I was SO outdone… I just walked away. #numb

Out done and out numbered… I went into the corners of MY MIND and did some negotiating with myself. First, I had to negotiate with the “TEENAGER SIDE” of ME ….because for a MOMENT… the ADULT in me “LEFT THE BUILDING”. LOL LOL But the MOTHERLY side of me kicked in, and had to come up with a solution AS TO HOW I WAS GOING TO HANDLE THIS!!!

I remembered something the DEAN of STUDENTS told me on DAY ONE. He said these kids will DOUBLE TEAM you, HE SAID but…..once you get the LEADER…………. you got the WHOLE CREW * on your side*!!!

EVERYDAY I studied each table and found out who was the LEADER, male and female. Your child can/will sit between 2-3 tables with different friends, but the LEADER of any table….. always sit in their place. Between classes in a weeks time, I found each LEADER ALONE in the hallways and pulled them to the side.

I said… “Hey” can you come here for a minute boo * boo, sweety, honey are words of endearment, kids/teens always respond to these words*, I want to talk to you. I smiled and said what’s your name? I introduced myself and said this. I know YOU are the LEADER of your table. I said…. all I ask is that you and your friends clean up your mess in the lunchroom, stay on your side, and go to class before the second bell rings. I said to them… by you clearly being the LEADER ……… understand that you have the POWER to steer YOUR GURLS, and YOUR BOYS to do bad things OR good things. I said I see this in YOU… and I get that. I said USE YOUR INFLUENCE to do GOOD. I said to the one LEADER,* who told the others not to talk to me* ANY TIME YOU CAN GET 7 OR 8 GURLS TO NOT TALK TO AN ADULT….. YOU DA BADDEST GURL/CHICK * we laughed.. I had to go to her level on that part* !!! I said IM GOING TO BE WATCHING YALL EVERYDAY. I said I want you to use that POWER for GOOD!!! I said God gives INFLUENCE to some…. its a gift. You are chosen to LEAD. Be a GOOD LEADER. I said encourage your “team” to go to class, clean up after themselves, graduate, stop cursing… I SAID YOU HAVE THE POWER, THESE GURLS LISTEN TO YOU!!! They all got it, and walked away with smiles, feeling good about themselves.

Here I am 3 MONTHS into MY JOB and I can’t get those same GURLS AND THEIR LEADERS to call me MS. WALKER…. its auntie this, auntie that, auntie, auntie, auntie AUNTIE. LOL LOL Auntie can you buy me this, auntie do you have this, auntie take our photo, auntie buy me some chips, AUNTIE COME HERE, AUNTIE LISTEN TO THIS…. AUNTIE I NEED YOUR ADVICE, AUNTIE WHY THIS, WHY THAT.. BUT I LOVE IT. LOL

Training up Leaders
Proverbs 22:6
New King James Version (NKJV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

HOMEWORK for TONIGHT WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN IS THIS…. For a FUN and positive way to get to know your child EVEN BETTER… ask them these questions.

1. Ask your child how many people do you sit with at lunch. *NOTE* the same people sit together at the same TABLE … EVERYDAY.

2. Ask them… If I asked you who* NAME ONLY ONE PERSON* at YOUR table can get the others to do ANYTHING… who would that person be? And then ask…. why did YOU chose them?

3. Ask them… when lunch period comes, what is the thing you LOVE most about it.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

  • Anderson Woodard Jr. miss social worker
  • MzLela P Tucker Cree girl you are an inspiration , a Gem those girls are lucky to have you by their side, you were right this is your calling you are going to change alot of kids lives for the better just watch and see we need more positive role models like you in our community I wish there was one of you in each school. / High school, middle school, even elementary schools cause this is where the real nitty gritty starts love you Cree keep doing what your doing and may god continue to bless you and bless the kids threw you this has certainly made my day.
  • Tonya Mitchell Wow that’s crazy
  • S Atiya Simm Wil Good good stuff! I am reposting! I talk to my daughter about this all the time! She is a leader by nature and I tell her what a huge responsibilty that is. It is hard being a leader especially as a child because most adults don’t know how to handle kids with these qualities. I cannot tell you how many teachers I see getting offended because their students who are leaders take charge! You have to be careful with these type of kids because people are always trying to break them down. That is why kids who are leaders usually wind up using their influence in the wrong way because they struggle to try to fit in. It takes a strong person to lead in the right way. Good for you for identifying these kids and helping them lead in the correct way!
  • Charlene Hayes Very deep ..and your the woman for the job keep shining your lite the kids need it ..
  • MzLela P Tucker Hey Anderson I think that’s a good career path for her was just thinking the same thing Cree you should look into that for your future I can see you opening up your own youth center too that would be so good for the kids and you…..
  • Lacrease Walker MzLela P Tucker gurlllll yes thats my dreammmmmm. Thanks sooo much for the encouragement
  • MzLela P Tucker Your welcome sweetie anytime….
  • Betty Williams God is qualifying you to do this job and you are doing it well.
  • Rose Hicks @Lacrease, I love the way you were able to change that groupthink from negative to positive. Group think is something that can destroy, kill, and take over the minds of those when they look up to cetain individuals.
  • Lacrease Walker Yes it can take over their minds. Once I was able to talk to the “leaders” of the group I was able to know the other gurls and I TALK THEM TO them and encourage them to use their own minds.. and do their own thing.
    Kimberly Cook Amen!!!! Lecrease Thanks!!!! FOR THE advice. I Have a 14yrs old SON going to H.S. THIS school year talking about peer pressure its ON got heads up NOW. Then I have a soon to be 13yrs.Old Son in middle school. I PRAY MY BOY’S UP EVERY DAY BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS A LIAR
    THE Choices THEY MAKE WILL DETERMINE THERE outcome Positive OR Negative AS a MOTHER I’M was praying Blessing & favor.

    Students above 2013 Graduates

“Behind the Scenes~ what’s going on at your childs School” CREES BLOG ENTRY

KIMPERSHINGIts no secret… I LOVE KIDS. I love listening to them talk, I love the way they express themselves, I adore the way they hear things, how innocent they are when they feel that “their truth” is THE TRUTH. LOL I know that one of my gifts from God is working with them, and being their voice…. because I truly UNDERSTAND them….whether I agree with them or NOT.

There are a lot of things that kids, hear, do, see and BE when they’re in school, and not around their parents. They can have straight A’s and all 1’s in citizenship, but THAT IS ONLY ONE PART OF WHO YOUR CHILD REALLY IS. Education and CHARACTER are 2 different things. Your child can be well EDUCATED but have ABSOLUTELY no sense of direction, understanding AND WHO THEY ARE.

Understand that even though your child may act like they don’t hear you…. THEY DO. When I’m talking to them, the first thing they say is ” My momma always told me……….”. So trust me they hear you.

So with that said…. since I work at a High School here in Detroit that goes to school ALL YEAR ROUND this year being its first year… YES ….all year round. I have decided that I would keep ALL OF MY PARENTS AND GUARDIANS up on how our children think, act and tips on what can be done so that our children can grow up to be Successful PRODUCTIVE Adults. Many parents have NO IDEA the influence that is taking hold of our children when they’re not around. I DO.. AND I SEE IT.

So join me every Tuesday and Thursday on my BLOG page for “Behind the Scenes~ at School”. I’m going to post TIPS, QUESTIONNAIRES, IDEAS, HOT TOPICS, and lots of other goodies. It’s going to be very good, and very informative.

Photo is of Kimberly on of my students.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Women in the Workplace *Cree’s Blog Entry*

1223957964-sc-1483Working with Women can be something different. Whew chile!! I really hope that sharing my story can help you to see one or two things. Either you’re part of the problem or you’re the solution. You already know which one you are.


There are 10 of us who work closely together. And if you know me, you will know that I’m very private. When I do open up and share things about me, YOU may think its a lot, but actually, what I DONT SHARE is the “main course” of who I am. This may be the case for many people. especially women.


Some women like to start a lot of mess. I can feel it, smell it, and taste it in the air. When that atmosphere arises, I leave. But I’m trying to understand why do a few of these women get offended when I/you don’t want to be apart of their table talk? I’m not connected to ANYONE. I do my own thang. I’m a LEADER OF WHATS RIGHT!!! I’m not the kind of woman that’s going to sit at your table because you’re singing…… are you serious? I’m going to sit there because I want too. People hate to see you doing your own thang, when they want you to be apart of their Shenanigans. I’m not her!!! Its always the OLDER WOMEN… the ones who’ve been at the job for 200 years.


This one lady of the 10 was talking about me to a student!!! He came back and told me. I was HOTT!!! They say she talk about everybody, and that I see. She talked about how big my behind was and my hips, with a small waist. Who does that? With a student? Then everyday she breaks her neck to speak to me, trying to be my friend and talk to me. And Lord knows, cause we already had a talk about her, he calmed me down, which she has no idea. I speak to her and keep it moving. EVERYTIME she talks to anyone, and I’m around, she cannot take her eyes off me. She makes noises, talk loud she does everything to get my attention. Wanting so bad to be in my circle. NOT GON HAPPEN!!!  See women like her has to be shut down in the workplace AND ON THE SPOT. She learned real fast, that I’m one person who will speak using direct eye contact when I see you for the first time that day, but will make you feel invisible standing right next to me in a conversation. I will NEVER, EVER, give you a stage to entertain on. She’ll never have a chance to put her clown suit on, and be in my face.


Sometimes If I bring dollars to school and the kids want cookies, juice, or chips and they ask me, I’ll give it to them. Of course I wont/cant do this everyday. One of the kids ask me for a dollar for some chips, and I didn’t have it on me. I asked one of the ladies I’m cool with to loan it to me until the next day. She went in her pocket and gave it to me, of course I told her that it was for a student. So, one of the kitchen ladies heard me and said “Sunshine, sunshine come here”! They call me sunshine, and not Ms. Walker because they say I bring the Sun and always smiling to work. *yeah right FAKE* Anyway, she’s an older lady too, and no matter what I will ALWAYS RESPECT HER/THEM. She says to me… why are you giving these kids money? She said these kids have money. I looked at her…. and God said to me… “say it nicely Lacrease”. I said… first of all… a $1.00 is NOTHING to me… NOTHING…I said the reason why I’m so BLESSED is because I love to give. *read this blog entry*   She cut her conversation real short, when she looked into my eyes and realize that I’m cut from another block. She knew then that, I was not a person to be moved by her questions or speech. Its real funny people feel like they can say anyyyyyyything to me, but as soon as I turn into the incredible hulk, or pull out my Jaws teeth, they want to stay away from me *snickling*


The point and the big picture here is…. Be your own Leader. Do what’s right, mind your own business at work. Do your own work, and keep peace. There is nothing wrong with listening to what’s going on at work, when it comes to your job, and things that’s going to effect you. But when it starts to get personal, be known for VACATING the PREMISES . So what people get mad when you’re doing something differently than them by doing your work and staying away from them. So what!!! Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to stand out. I love me…. and I’m going to do what makes me happy, and DRAMA FREE!!!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy