*One more sign God*……just one more


Don’t you just hate it when you ask God for something or someone, and when he blesses you with it, you can’t even recognize that its there? That’s how I’m feeling on a situation about me. I asked God and asked God and asked God for something and when it happened for me………. Ididnt believe it. When I asked God for signs to let me know if its true, he gave me a sign that was outta this world. If I wrote it, you’d probably come through here and tap me on the wrist………..HARD! Then that wasn’t enough for me, then he showed me another sign and another and another and another. Here it is 3 years later, and TODAY I GOT IT!!!

I get so upset with myself for letting this pass me. I trust God and I know he’s true to me. But why can’t I just believe that this happened, that it really is true. Why do I still want God to show me, better yet, I wish he would come from Heaven and say………. YES ITS TRUE. I just need God to say it out of his mouth, in a dream, or write it down on paper, I won’t tell anyone. Just tell me God is it true? Just one more sign Lord, one more.



Caught up I am!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

First I have to say Thank you Jesus for these wonderful and happy days that you\’ve given me. I am so thankful for all the love that you\’ve shown me. ((((hugs and kisses))))

I know I ha vent been blogging lately, but I have been busy busy busy. Every time I wanted to say forget this and forget that, I heard this voice in my hear say… keep going Cree. I did. And for it I got so much done, blessed a lot of people , and took care of some HIGH bills!!! Paid off 2 creditors and have a coupla more to go. I remember back in the *day*, I would use this credit card, and use that one with no intentions of paying them back. I was young and careless. Now credit is important to me. Even though I just got my * bill of good health* for a bill totaling almost $900.00, I\’m ready for the next one. I want to clear my name and move on you know? Momma use to always tell me about the importance of good credit…… now I see.

My dad moved last week into his new apartment * without mom* its all good. Everyone is on good terms and sometimes things change, and you have to be willing to change with it. If not your feelings could be hurt and left behind. It took me a long time to realize that things do change, and its okay. Its okay it really is, but also learn something from it, don\’t just experience it, learn from it and tell others. My dad is something * different too*. Its 4 of us including my mom 5, and please don\’t include the grand kids 22 -13. This is how my dad is. He will call me and ask me to pick up his prescriptions on Sunday, call my Sister Yolanda on Sunday night and ask her to take him to the doctor on Monday, then on Tuesday ask my other sister will she go grocery shopping for him, on Wednesday ask my mom to bring him a few dollars, on Friday he\’ll ask my brother to take him to the store for cigs, then on Saturday, he\’ll plan his next week. LOL Its not funny at all, but it kinda is, cause it took us a while to catch on to what he does. So now we tell him look, we are going to go get your cigs, groceries, lottery and what ever else you need in one day. So we ask my mom why he does this, she says he\’s lonely … I think he wants to be waited on hand and foot like he had it when we were kids and my mom was with him. AT any rate, he\’s still my dad, and I love him.

Tell me you guys saw Anita Baker do a tribute to Mary J. Blige with my baaby Tyler Perry sitting front and center * with Trina from WDIGM * It was one of the best performances Anita has done on TV. The lady is bad.See I go to her concerts every year so I knew what to expect, but for those fans who thought she was gone for good, they know Anita Baker ain\’t going no where!!!! Oh I watched it on my DVR so many times, I\’m surprised that thang aint popped!! LOL Mary cried, I cried, Tyler was geeked when Anita said his name and so WAS I!!! In case you missed these performances here they are……..




I have so many friends coming to Detroit this Summer because Anita lives here in Detroit and she put on the best show you EVA wanna see, and I\’ll be there. When it comes to people like Anita Baker, Tyler Perry and Maxwell I am faithful. I love and admire their work and I make sure that I am there to support them in everything they do.

My Sister moved into her new place. Oh its so nice. I just love it. Its a nice size too just enough for her boo and kids. All my parents kids live near each other. All the gurls are all 3 minutes away. My brother lives downtown in a beautiful high rise building over looking the whole downtown area. Its da bomb!!!

Yesterday I went out and bought 9 tickets to the Advance showing of Madea Goes to Jail for Thursday night @ 12:01 am. Me my sisters my brother ,and a few others. I have to go and get one more ticket tomorrow before they sell out. People love Madea, I can\’t wait to laugh and most importantly learn some Words of Wisdom from Ma 2 da D E A!

I have a good friend on You tube who is just adorable. She has her * own show* as Id like to call it, and here is her link if you like to see what he show is about.

YouTube – thatswhyipraiseyou\’s Channel

I\’m gone take to ya later. God Bless



My Ah ha Moment!

Praise God for another year!!! Its 2009 and its the year of helping and giving!!! My year has already started off with a bang, and Im quite excited about it. I talk to God a lot and Im amazed at how he sets me up sometimes. When I share my testimony, some of you will be so blessed. There is no telling how many people are going through the same thing. I realized that I am not alone. Its a good one too. We\’ll talk later about that.

So many of my friends are laid off from work, or either their jobs have been shut down for good. And its so sad, because people have been stealing from the store and been penny pitching, its sad. For those who have been wondering on this earth to and fro, those days have come to catch up with them. I know times are hard, but you can\’t just lay down on the living room floor and die. Youve got to keep on pushing and praying. Its impossible to live in this world * Happy* and not know God. That stuff is gonna catch up. Weve got to Praise him IN AND OUT OF SEASON.

Speaking of work………. My line was long and off the chain today. They\’ve been cutting hours and we only had 3 cashiers. I was finishing up this one customer, when this asian lady behind her was coughing. I mean she was coughing and not once did she cover her mouth. Im saying to my self, no she didnt just cough and didnt cover her mouth, she had to be at least my age *41*. I continued ringing up the customer in front of her, and all of a sudden she started coughing again, this time it was coming towards me. I jumped back * sarcastly* and said MAAM YOU GOTTA COVER YOUR MOUTH I can\’t catch another cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I knew it. I didnt mean to be that loud, but it made me ANGRY!!! You can tell that she does it all the time, and she wouldnt stop. Yall know what she had the nerve to say? I DONT HAVE A COLD I HAVE BRONCITIS. I looked at her as to say I don\’t care of you coughing $100 bills, and Christmas Wrapped Gifts. COVER YOUR DANGOLE MOUTH!! Now its her turn, and she knows Im pissed, the customers are in awe like NO SHE AINT COUGHING ON THIS CASHIER!!!! And the bad part about it is, she was CLUELESS. So as she was using her debt card, she coughs again, without covering her mouth. I had to stop and say Jesus PLEASE HELP ME. I was so glad she was gone!!! I know sometimes coughing catches us off guard sometimes, and thats okay, but people we have got to be conscience of rudness. Like being on the phone at the register, cutting in line when we don\’t look back to see if anyone is behind us, talking about folks, of others feelings. Let 2009 be the year where we are more conscience of what we say and what we do.

I was home intime today to watch Oprah. I love her so much. She was talking about her weight and how she realized that she nbeed to Love herself more. Well, of course she loves herself, but I got what she was saying. And so I started thinking about me and my weight and how I battle with it for so many years. I do love other peopleso much andcar so much about them and their well being, but I NEGLECT MY SELF SO MUCH. I feed my body any ole kinda thing. I eat a lot of fast food, Im not a junk food eater, but I love to eat big ole nice dinners. I over eat everyday. So today I asked myself, if you love yourself starting now treat yourself like you love YOU. I realize that I treat others like I want to be treated, but I dont treat myself like I treat others. Aint that deep? That was my Ah ha moment!!!

Tyler Perry is going to be on front of the new Essence magazine!! My baby!!! Oo yall I love me some TP. I can\’t wait to read what he\’s been up too. He has a new sitcom coming out this Wednesday on TBS called Meet the Browns. I\’ll be watching Tyler.

Check yall lata!


A relationship with God

Have anyone just sat up and thought about Pearls of Wisdom and where we are going in 2006? I have been in an online Ministries for almost 5 years and have learned a lot.
When I first started with AIMSK~ Am I My Sisters Keeper Ministries, I thought ok we are on line women who chat everyday, and talk on the phone once, or twice every 2 months, but can we really love each other? I mean we say we love each other on the phone when we hang up, and we say it in email, but are we just being kind to each other? Are we just saying what God wants us to say? Are we just “following the Leader” and being polite?
Everyday with AIMSK we would chat on line about God, we would have bible study and lots and lots of homework. When someone needed prayer we would stop what we were doing and pray for our sister. We even had a death on the list. It was a hard time for us, but we prayed and we stuck together and we made it through that time. We were chatting on line and on the phone more than we saw our own sisters and family members. We built a relationship even without seeing each other. We made ourselves available no matter what the situation. We were there for each other.
August 2001 ~ AIMSK 2nd Conference held in Chicago, Illinois we all met.
Meeting my sisters for the very first time was a feeling that I will never forget. The feeling of hugging my sister, crying and laughing at the same time was awesome. That is where I got my answer. That’s when I knew that all that time I spent building a relationship with people I had never seen, is when I knew that I loved them. I knew then that I wasn’t following the Leader, I knew that you can love a person and never ever meet them. That is a testimony I can share.
This reminds me of my relationship with God. Right now, today I am building a relationship with God. I Love him. Never in my life had I seen God, but I love him. Communication is everything. He talks to me, I hear him when he calls my name, I hear him when he wants me to listen, I can feel his presence.
Have you ever thought about that day when you finally meet him? Can you say you have a true relationship with God, today right now? Do you realize that its not too late? Right now is when the clock starts if you haven’t already.
Let me show you an example of how relationships start here on earth with each other, and how it ties in with a personal relationship with God.
                             God and Pearls of Wisdom
  • There was a time when we have heard of God’s name, but necessary decided to build a relationship with him.
  • There also was a time when we have heard of each other on the message board (Tearsa from Anita Baker’s) but the rest of us from Tyler Perry’s board, but not necessary decided to build a relationship with each other.
  • Then there came a time when we decided to talk to God for the very first time privately.
  • Then there came a time when we decided to email each other for the very first time privately.
  • There came a time when we wanted to know more about God. Where does he live. How did he get here, does he cry, how did he make all of us,  His likes and dislikes? The list goes on.
  • Then came a time when we all wanted to know about each other, how many children we had, married static’s, where did we live, our ages, our love and passion. The list goes on.
  • Then there came a time when we wanted to communicate with God daily. When we wanted to hear from him daily, we knew that he was there whenever we needed. The more we knew about him, the more we needed that connection.
  • Then there came a time when we wanted to communicate with each other daily. When we needed to hear from each other rather its through email, or phone. The more we knew about each other the more we wanted to meet and needed that connection. We knew that whenever we needed each other we would be there.
  • Now ~ Our communication and our relationship is so strong with God, that we want to meet him face to face. We want to hug him, and kiss him, and love him, and touch him, and laugh, talk and spend time with each other.
  • Now~ Our Communication with each other is so strong with each other we want to meet face to face, hug and kiss, laugh, cry and spend time with each other. We have even set a date for this union.
Our appointed day with God is not known, but if its God’s will, we will meet and spend time with each other July 17-24, 2006 in Atlanta, GA. Those are the days that we set aside to continue and to build our relationship with each other.
God wants us to communicate with him, just as we do the people we see everyday. He wants to talk to us and be apart of our lives. Even though we are on line that doesn’t mean that we cant have a loving relationship with each other. God put us all together for a reason, rather we get it right now or not. We have him right now in the midst, lets see what he wants with all of us. Lets see. Lets give him that chance. We owe him everything already, lets find out in prayer why did he put the 7 of us together. No matter who leaves and comes back, no matter who responds, no matter who is there peeking in, we are all STILL HERE!
Even though we have never never in our lives met each other, lets continue to build each other up. pray for each other, learn from each other, have disagreements with each other, make back friends with each other, but lets not forget our purpose. Its soooooooo not about us, its about God. Remember that. Lets exercise our patience with him. Lets remember its not our time we are on, its his time. Lets remember to love each other through phone and email.
Just as we await and prepare for July 17-24- lets do the same and prepare ourselves for the day when we meet God face to face.
So I ask you this as I close, what is your communication like what those you can see and those you have not met?
The bible says (my favorite scripture).

1 John 4:20 (Contemporary English Version)

20But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don’t love the people we can see?

1 John 4:20 (English Standard Version)

20If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen


1 John 4:20 (King James Version)

 20If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

Lacrease J. Walker